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In order to protect all of our guests, Dog Spot Hotel requires vaccination for your dogs against Canine Influenza. Speak to your vet today, to see if they offer the vaccine.

Where are you located?

From Pineda Causeway, turn left onto Wickham Road. Turn left on Business Center Boulevard and right on Industry Drive. Our address is 5080 Industry Drive Melbourne, FL 32940.


What is a typical day at Dog Spot Hotel like for my dog?

Our staff begin letting our guests out at 5:30 am. Breakfast is served at 7:00 a.m. and followed by our group and individual rotations, which continue until 7:30 pm.  Our guests average 7 hours of playtime on any given day. We have outside and inside play areas and all groups are 100% supervised.


Can I come and tour the facility?

Absolutely! We are always happy to have families come and walk around our facility! We give tours daily during regular business hours.  No appointment is necessary.


Does Dog Spot offer Daycare?

Yes, we love our daycare family! We have doggie daycare Monday - Friday, 7am until 6:30pm. We do offer down time for the dogs to rest periodically throughout the day.


What if my pet prefers to be alone or is heat sensitive?

Heat sensitive dogs are in special groups and go out more frequently for less periods of time.  If your dog prefers to be alone, we can accommodate for individual playtime and guaranteed at least 5 outings per day.


What does it mean when my dog comes home and drinks a lot of water?

Do you offer my dog water while in daycare?

Absolutely, all our guests have opportunities to drink water no matter where they are playing or relaxing. We have water outside in all play areas and of course, in each suite. Dog Spot Hotel requires all kennel technicians to keep water bowls full and fresh. Dogs, however, can be very one dimensional and when they are playing they may not stop to drink water.  Dogs may not drink while they are outside and then come in and drink most of their water.


What is my dog gets injured or becomes ill while at Dog Spot Hotel?

While we take extreme measure to prevent illnesses and injuries, accidents do happen.  We make every attempt to reach you personally and will work with you to accommodate your requests and recommendations in caring for your dog.  In the event you are unreachable we refer to our mutually signed contract, which will indicate your preferred next steps. Dog Spot Hotel will transport any sick or injured animal to the veterinarian free of charge. In this case, all veterinary costs incurred will be the responsibility of the pet owner.


Can my dog get “kennel cough” from boarding or doggy daycare?

All animals at Dog Spot Hotel MUST be vaccinated however, no vaccine is 100 % effective. Vaccinating your dog can greatly reduce the risk of viruses such as Bordetella and Parainfluenza.  Similar to the flu shot in humans, these viruses mutate and can become resistant to the vaccines. We recommend having a Bordetella vaccine every six months opposed to only once per year to further protect your pets. Please note that Dog Spot Hotel will under no circumstances take in any animal without proper vaccinations. We also require all dogs first time Bordetella vaccines or Bordetella vaccines that have lapsed more than two weeks to wait two weeks before boarding with us.


What does Dog Spot do to prevent my pets from becoming ill or injured?

In an effort to reduce transmittance of viruses, Dog Spot Hotel installed special Hepa filters with each air conditioning unit as well as added extra exhaust fans throughout our building to bring in fresh air. Kennel technicians clean with hospital grade solutions designed to kill Parainfluenza, Bordetella, and Parvo virus.  Each suite is sanitized each day with a non-toxic, diluted solution while your dog is out playing. We also deep clean each suite thoroughly after each guest checks out.

For the group playtimes, all play groups are careful selected by our management team at the start of each day. The managers assign groups to staff members and staff members stay with assigned group at all times. Dogs with behavioral issues are walked separately and have special yards and staff playtime to ensure safety for all guests.


My dog has been boarding and now has diarrhea, is this normal or did my dog catch something while boarding?  

It’s not uncommon for a dog to develop diarrhea while boarding. Dogs are sensitive about changes in their environment and routine.  The extra stimulation and activity within boarding facility can be fun and exciting but is not your dog’s everyday environment. The most common source for diarrhea in a boarding environment is stress colitis. Stress colitis is simply the inflammation of the large intestine or colon. Sometimes, your pet may not show these symptoms until they return home. If we see any diarrhea from your pet, we will let you know. If diarrhea lasts more than one day, we will administer over-the-counter medication or contact one of our three vets to consult next steps depending on severity. Most times, diarrhea subsides within 48 hours on treatment.

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