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In order to protect all of our guests, Dog Spot Hotel requires vaccination for your dogs against Canine Influenza. Speak to your vet today, to see if they offer the vaccine.

Bring your cat to the DogSpot Hotel cattery. The cattery includes fantastic town houses and condos for a relaxing stay. Your kitty will feel comfortable in air-conditioned surroundings. Your feline will be let out individually each day to explore, lounge, and play in our hide-a-ways and forts. Contact us for a FREE facility tour.

Your pal will be grouped with 10-12 dogs for a fantastic play session. Feel at ease knowing that your dog will be supervised at all times with our small person-to-pet ratio. Your pet will receive his much-needed socialization. Our 30-member staff is here to help.

100% human supervision for your pet

$5 OFF day care for

first-time guests!


Stress-free stay for your

beloved cat

  • Clean and comfy beds

  • Toys

  • Fresh bowls for food and water

  • Climate-controlled hotel

  • Meals served twice daily

  • House meal is Purina EN

  • 5' x 8' suites for dogs 45 lbs and over

  • 4 x 5' suites for dogs under 45 lbs

Nothing but the best for

your dog

a cute dog running dogs

Your pet deserves nothing but the best. Trust the pet lovers at DogSpot Hotel to ensure your pal will be in a healthy and safe environment. Your dog will get at least 6-7 hours of exercise a day. They'll enjoy ball swimming, running, and playing.

Trustworthy pet day care and boarding